Basic Hunt

  • Here at Silver Creek we don’t penalize you just because you can’t hunt during the week. All hunts are $200 per gun. On week days, you can hunt by yourself or with friends, but we may pair you with other hunters. On the weekends we require groups of at least two. If you’d prefer not to hunt with strangers, we definitely recommend the private hunt option.
  • Note: Dogs are not allowed on basic hunts.

Multi-Day Hunts

  • We now offer private hunts in Throckmorton and Albany for $200/gun/day with a minimum of four guns and two consecutive days. On these hunts you’ll have a great chance of shooting bull sprigs, canvasbacks, wigeons and more!

Is bird processing included or is that extra?

Bird processing is a small additional fee: $3/bird if you just want them breasted, $5/bird if you want them plucked. One wing must remained attached.

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