Our Guides

Our guides are experienced, knowledgeable, and easy going.  They’ll do the calling, set the decoys, and make sure you are well concealed.  As ducks are harvested, the guides (or their trained retrievers) will fetch your ducks while you remain cozy in the blind, shootin’ the bull with your buddies.  All hunts are over classic wood decoys!

Banded Pintail Guided Duck Hunt
Jeff Elder

Jeff called in his first duck when he was 12 years old and never looked back.

As the next season came around rumors started to circulate about this kid that could flat-out call the heck out of the ducks, and before he knew it the grown ups were calling his Dad asking if they could take Jeff duck hunting with them ( they needed a duck caller).  So in 1989 at the ripe old age of 17 Jeff started his own guide service, that was also the same year he won the Lohman Texas state duck calling contest.

In the fall of 1990 he went to the University of Mississippi where he hunted in the Delta with friends, then would come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break to guide.

Jeff’s goal is to put you on the ducks, which he has proven time and time again.  That has led to a large following of repeat clients, some hunt with him 3 or 4 times a season.

In the off-season Jeff is a cattle rancher.  He enjoys shooting sporting clays and riding cutting horses and every now and then can be coaxed into going to a duck calling contest.

Duck Hunting Texas
Brett Rogers

I got my love for the outdoors at a very young age. The neighborhood I grew up in backed up to a nature center and I always found myself there exploring. I went on my first duck hunt, and first hunt ever, with my older brothers when I was 10 years old. The next year I begged and pleaded to my parents for my first shotgun. I was hooked on waterfowl for life. I started out hunting small tanks in East Texas. As I got older and more knowledgeable I began hunting public waters near home. My love for duck hunting grew so much that my last year of high school I made my schedule with no early classes just so I could hunt in the mornings.

After high school, I moved to central Texas and began going after ducks all over the state and even into New Mexico. Now I’m back in north Texas with a beautiful wife and two little girls. As a dad, nothing makes me more proud than hearing our 4 year old daughter saying, “That’s a green head daddy!” while watching a hunting show. When I’m not hunting, I’m spending my time with my family, and teaching my girls how to call ducks. Surprisingly they are pretty damn good. Alongside me while I hunt is my faithful chocolate lab, Cali. She has been my hunting partner for 8 years now, and she never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve known Jeff for several years and I began guiding with Silver Creek Guide Service in 2015. I look forward to this upcoming season and carrying out the traditions and memories of the service.

Hunter Spragg Duck Guide
Hunter Spragg

Hunter Spragg has been an avid duck hunter since the age of 5 when his dad took him out to watch for the first time. He later shot his first duck at the 9 years old and hasn’t looked back. He’s from Keller, Texas, and currently attends Texas Tech University. Hunter is a sophomore studying petroleum engineering and hopes to graduate in 2019. He hunts all that he can over winter break and is excited to bring you and your group the most memorable experience possible!