22requently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is bird processing included or is that extra?

Bird processing is a small additional fee: $3/bird if you just want them breasted, $5/bird if you want them plucked. One wing must remained attached.


What licenses do I need?

You need to bring a valid Texas Hunting License (Resident or Non-Resident) with both the State and Federal Waterfowl Stamps.  In addition, if you were born after 1972 you need to have a Hunters Safety Card.


What should I wear?

First priority – warm boots and socks.  We recommend something that can get wet because you’ll be hunting around water (don’t bring unlined rubber boots, your feet will freeze).  If you have waders, feel free to bring them.  We do have a few blinds that require wading, but don’t worry we have a few extra pairs. Next, you need a camouflage jacket and hat, and we like our clients to bring face masks.


What kind of shotgun and shells do I need?

12, 16, and 20 Gauge Shotguns will work.  Make sure it can cycle the size shell you buy (if your gun only shoots 2 3/4 don’t buy 3 inch shells to shoot out of it).

As for shells, lead shot is illegal for waterfowl so bring steel or non-toxic shot, we recommend 3 inch Mag #4. While there are many types of good shells, our guides use Remington Hypersonic Shells. With the overall cost of hunting, don’t skimp on cheap shells. If you choose to shoot Winchester Xperts, hey, that’s fine with us, it’s your hunt. Just remember, there is no crying in a duck blind.


How do I reserve my dates?

To book your dates, call us or send us an e-mail.  To hold your spot, we require a 50% deposit.  If you have to cancel or reschedule you can get your deposit back if you give us 3 weeks notice.  If you have to cancel within three weeks of your booked hunt, you can get 50% of the deposit back.  Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled hunt will lose the deposit.


Is there a charge for non-shooters?

There is no charge for a non shooting guest, but please let us know that you are bringing a non-shooting guest at least 48 hours prior to hunt or they will pay full price (No 5:00 am add-ons please). Even non-shooters are required by law to have a license and Federal Duck Stamp.


Where do we meet the morning of the hunt?

We hunt over a large area. Where you are coming from and where we will be hunting that day determines where we will meet. We will call you if we dont hear from you, but its important that you call us to touch base.


Is there anything else I should bring?

You should bring a cooler and freezer bags to take your birds home with you. You may not be used to taking them, but when you hunt with us, you are going to kill birds!


Can I bring my own dog?

You can bring a dog on a private hunt ONLY.

The reason for this is for safety of your dog, and quality of hunt for others is why we don’t allow dogs on mixed hunts. NO EXCEPTIONS



We have no problem at all taking kids hunting, but some things to take into consideration before you do. We hunt in a wide variety of places, some have fixed blinds some are layout blinds. A small child may have problems coming out fast enough to shoot in a layout blind and even a fixed blind. If you are wanting to get a shoot were it is all about your kids shooting we highly recommend buying a private hunt. The reason being on a mix hunt you really can’t ask other paying costumers to wait on your child to shoot. The birds may be spooky and the guides may have to call for a swinging shot instead of a cupped up feet down shot to give a mixed group the opportunity to shoot where it may be more difficult for a child. If you don’t want to buy a private hunt we highly recommend going and shooting several rounds of sporting clays to get your child familiar with their gun so they can have a good time.



We offer a private hunt where it can be just you, or you and 5 of your friends. Private hunts cost $1250.00 and can be up to 6 shooters. To add more it’s $250 a person. We highly recommend these if you are bringing small children or elderly people. A private hunt can be customized to your needs, where a mixed hunt really can’t be.