Waterfowl Hunting North Texas

Silver Creek Guide Service is #1 for waterfowl hunting North Texas. Are you just getting your feet wet in duck hunting or are you a professional looking for a bountiful hunt on private land? Either way, we have you covered and every one in between. Our guided hunts give you the best chance of shooting the waterfowl you are hunting. A guided hunt is a much different experience then loaded up and heading out alone. Our guides do all the hard work of scouting for you. We have over 25 ponds on our private land that we check weekly to ensure we take you to a hot spot. Each location is rested a minimum of 1 week between hunts. Check out our prices here!

Three creeks originate on our private ranch and feed three of the areas large reservoirs – Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, and Lake Weatherford. Our location is a highway for the birds. On any given hunt, you can expect to get a shot at:

  • Mallards
  • Pintail
  • Widgoen
  • Gadwall
  • Green Wing Teal

Your straps will be filled with these birds mainly but its not uncommon to get a shot at Wood Duck, Canvasback, Redhead, or Hooded Merganser.

We’ve been guiding all kinds of hunters from all over Texas for nearly 3 decades. We are professionals that know the best tips and tricks to fill your straps with the waterfowl you want to shoot. We will also help make your hunt as memorable as we can. All hunts are over classic wood decoys, carved and painted by hand to be as lifelike as possible. Booking with Silver Creek Guide Service is a great way to ensure you bring some ducks home! Book with us today!