Dove season is just around the corner on September 1st . Are you ready? Silver Creek Guide Service, located in Weatherford, Texas, has a few Tips for Dove Hunting. Our Guides will be able to help you have a successful hunt. They have the experience to enable you to get the game you want, even if you aren’t the most experienced hunter. 

Let’s See Those Tips for Dove Hunting: 

1.Patterning Your Shotgun – Shotgun hunters should always pattern their firearms to see which brands of shells, shot sizes, and loads give the best performance and at what range. 

2. Choose Your Gun Wisely – When choosing your shotgun for dove shooting, in particular, there are several basics to consider. Your best selection for birds that are highly-pressured and flying crazy is a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.  

3. Camouflage – Wear drab colored clothing. Be sure to cover any light fabrics or skin. 

4. Field the Corners – All game animals seem to be drawn to edges and corners. Look for something that breaks up the straight edges along irrigation ditches and roadways. This is where your dove will most likely be. 

5. Decoys – Displaying a half-dozen decoys on a fence or tree can produce shots.  

6. Accessorize – Wearing proper gear like a bird shooters vest, polarized shooting glasses (dark and yellow lenses), folding stool, sunscreen, bug spray, and a cooler with ice to keep dove breasts cool. 

7. Be Quick, Don’t Rush – Take the shot, but don’t rush it. 

These tips and more are what you will gain with Silver Creek Guide Services. We are currently taking Reservations. Our Pricing/Booking for guided hunting can’t be beat!  

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