Hunting season is just around the corner here in Texas. Join the Ft Worth Hunting Club with Silver Creek Guide Services and get the most out of your hunting experiences. We are proudly located in Weatherford, Texas where some of the best hunting can be found. Our hunting club will bring you all the game you have been hunting for! 

Aledo Private Duck Hunts

Silver Creek Guide Service has a ranch located at the highest point in Parker County, Texas where three creeks feed into Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, and Lake Weatherford. This location is known as the highway for the birds. You will have ample opportunity to hunt waterfowl and dove with Our Guides. These guys are some of the best in the area! 

Duck hunting season runs from September to January here in Texas. You can expect to have your shot at Mallards, Pintail, Widgeon, Gadwall, and Green Wing Teal water fowl on your hunting expeditions. We will prep you and guide you to the best locations to ensure you have a successful hunt. Take a look at some of the Testimonials to see what you have in store with Silver Creek Guide Services! 

This run-down of A Duck Hunting Starter Kit will give you some great pointers on your gear.  

What Should You Bring? 

You should expect to bring a few items of your own. We suggest a bag to carry home your birds and a cooler to ensure they stay fresh. If you would like for Silver Creed Guide Services to process your bird for you that is always an option for a small additional fee. Some folks just want the experience of hunting and that is perfectly okay. We don’t mind doing to dirty work for you! 

There are a few things to remember. Lead shot ammo is illegal when hunting waterfowl so be sure to check your ammunition. We always want to make sure you stay within the confines of the law when hunting.  

We offer 3 different hunting packages depending on your skill level and what you feel comfortable with! You can decide which Pricing/Booking works best with your budget.    

Basic Hunt:  Great for a weekday Hunt! You can hunt alone or bring a friend; this hunt is $200 per gun and we may pair you with other hunters. This hunt is available on weekends but will require groups of at least 2. Great hunt to meet new hunting friends! Note no hunting dogs are allowed on these trips.  

Private Hunt: If your wanting a solo hunt or a hunt with up to 5 of your friends this is a great option. This hunt is $1050 and over 6 shooters would be an additional $200 per gun. This option is also great if you’re bringing children or elderly.  

Multi-Day Hunt: This is a great hunt offered in Throckmorton or Albany. $200 A gun per day with a minimum of 4 guns and 2 days. Multi-Day hunts give you a great option to shoot all different types of duck and doves. 

If you’re new to hunting the Unexpected Benefits of Hunting are endless.

Silver Creek Guide Service wants to make sure you can start and end your day in comfort, so once you’ve made your Reservations there are a few places where you can Find Lodging. After a day of successful hunting, you can kick back at one of these locations. Contact us today and let our guides share their passion for hunting with you! 

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