Tips for Duck Hunting

The summer will be over before you know it and all of us here at Silver Creek Guide Service will be looking forward to duck season! Whether you are an old pro or just getting your feet wet; we have tips for duck hunting that can help you, no matter the skill level. We have been helping people hunt ducks since 1989 and guide strictly on private land so there are no crowds and you can rest assured there will be birds to hunt.

Tips for Duck Hunting:

  • Use decoys that match the birds you are hunting
  • Know when to use your duck call
  • Use the best shot
  • Use the preseason to practice shooting
  • Shoot one bird at a time

After 3 decades of helping hunters on guided hunts, we have tons of tips and tricks to make sure you have a successful hunt. Our professional scouts are out daily scouting to make sure all of our hunters have a chance to get a shot at the ducks they are after. We only use the best decoys and accessories with classic wood decoys that are carved and painted by hand to look as lifelike as possible.
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Tips for Duck Hunting

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