Duck Hunts

Are you looking to advance your hunting skills on Duck Hunts? Let Silver Creek Guide Service in Weatherford, Texas help you get started! We offer a variety of guided hunting from September to January for duck hunting season. Whether you are a seasoned duck hunter or new, we are here to help you and answer all your questions! 

Duck HuntsIt takes more than decoys and duck calls to get your duck. You will need to go to where to ducks actually are. By using a guided service like Silver Creek Guide Service you are more likely to have a successful hunt. When you come out on a Private Hunt with our seasoned guides you will get a shot at a variety of different ducks, including mallards, pintail, widgeon, and more. 

Where to Start 

  • Get the Proper Gear 
  • Hunt with Other Hunters 
  • Know Your Duck Species 

Duck Hunts are generally social hunting adventures. They are unique in that it actually helps you to hunt in groups. We provide a group guided hunting tour with one of our professionals to give you the best chance at snagging your duck!  

Be prepared to spend some time in marshy areas and make sure you have the proper gear. Your specialized gear will determine your comfort and ease out in the cold wet environment. Most hunters invest in a pair of chest waders or hip boots since you’ll be hunting in marshy areas. For those early season hunters, and well Texas being Texas breathable waders are ideal on hunts when you’ll work up a sweat.   

Typical Duck Hunting Gear 

  • Waterproof Gloves 
  • Waders 
  • Hip Boots 
  • Insulated Socking Caps/Facemasks 
  • Insulated Socks 
  • Duck Call 
  • Duck Decoys 
  • Bag or Satchel 
  • Dry Box 
  • Hand Warmers (optional, but great idea) 
  • Shotgun 

Of course, you need a shotgun to shoot ducks. Make sure the shotgun you choose will function in some pretty nasty conditions. A lot of hunters use a semi-automatic model with synthetic stocks and fore-ends to protect against rust. Your weapon is up to you and is all about personal choice. 

Silver Creek Guide Service offers a Basic Hunt, Private Hunt, and Multi-Day Hunts. This gives you options based on your preference and your budget. If you prefer to hunt with your hound then you’ll want to choose either a Private Hunt or our Multi-Day Hunts.  

private dove huntingAn avid duck hunter knows that ducks are usually most active during early mornings and late evenings. Our guides know your best times for hunting are generally about a half-hour before sunrise till and an hour or two after, and then again during the final hour of daylight. Set up your preferred time with Silver Creek Guide Service with one of Our Guides 

Our private land is bountiful and located 45 minutes just west of DFW, in Weatherford, Texas. Silver Creek Guide Service has a family owned ranch where three creeks originate on the property and feed three large reservoirs, namely, Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, and Lake Weatherford. Hunters have come to affectionately call this the “Highway for Birds.”  

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Contact Us today to set up your Reservations. Silver Creek Guide Service wants you to have the most successful hunting experience of your life!  

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