Are you looking for North Texas Duck Hunts? Silver Creek Guide Service has many years of experience in helping hunters with guided duck hunts as well as guided dove hunts. We have been helping hunters fill their strap since 1989. Our private ranch is located 45 minutes west of DFW. If you are not familiar with this area, check out our map to learn more, or you can always Contact Us for help locating us. One of the most important things about hunting for duck is that you create the perfect most inviting environment for ducks to visit. Ducks are often referred to as waterfowl because they are most commonly found on or near water. Waterfowl like any kind of water including, rivers, ponds, creeks, marshes, and lakes. They have webbed feet that are ideal for swimming and they can swim easily in cold weather due to their unique circulatory system and their waterproof feathers. Three creeks originate on the ranch that feeds three of the areas large reservoirs including Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, and Lake Weatherford.North Texas Duck Hunts

North Texas Ducks:

  • Mallards
  • Pintail
  • Widgeon
  • Gadwall
  • Green Wing Teal

We offer several different packages for hunters of different skill levels and availabilities. We have different hunts for families that would like to bring small children or wiser hunters. We also have certain hunts that you are allowed to bring your own dog to. Check out all the prices and packages we put together. All of these Packages can be customized to meet your needs, just call us and we will see what can do. Our goal is to provide a guided hunt that is safe, fun, and bountiful.

Duck Hunt Packages:

  • Basic Hunts
  • Private Hunts
  • Multiday Hunts

North Texas Duck HuntsIf you are traveling for your North Texas Duck Hunt, we have put together some recommendations for lodging near us. At this time, we consider these to be hunter-friendly hotels. If these locations are not able to accommodate you, we will work with you to find something.

If this is your first time for a private duck hunt, check out our duck hunting season page. This is important information about the season and important dates to remember. Also, head over to our FAQ page for more important information.

Private hunts are a great way to hunt whether you’re an old pro or you have just begun. Our guides are happy to share their knowledge with you and show you all the tips and tricks to filing your strap with the limit for the day. Contact Us to find out which North Texas Duck Hunts would be best for you or with any questions.